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Most of us enjoy sharing pictures on Facebook. Loading pictures on Facebook and commenting on others pictures is one of the interesting parts of Facebook browsing. Many times, Facebook users face issues like Facebook images not loading. In this situation, when the user tries to load a picture, a black or white box appears. Here, we will discuss some simple fixes for Facebook images not loading issue.

Ways to fix Facebook images not loading problem

There are several ways to fix this issue, some of them are discussed below.

Check the server status

The basic thing to be seen is check whether the Facebook servers are up and running properly. A down server creates issue in loading of images. Sometimes, it also happens that the server status is showing up but is actually not.

Restart your device

Restarting the device is the simplest fix and solves many issues. Simply switch off your device and after few seconds, turn it on. Try loading an image on your Facebook wall again. 

Check your internet connection 

Your internet connection should be fast and proper. If you are running internet using Wi-Fi, keep your device within the range of the router. Try connecting another device with the same network and see if it is working properly.

Reinstall or update Facebook messenger

If you are running an older version of Facebook messenger, there will be many issues like Facebook images not loading. Try Updating or reinstalling the app to the latest version and try loading pictures again.

Check for disabled images

Confirm that the images option is not disabled in your web browser. If you find them disabled, you cannot see images on Facebook. From your computer’s documentation, check which options can be tweaked to disable the option. 

Clear cache data

Once you Clear the cache, new data is loaded for the websites you visit. From the settings, Clear browsing data. T5his will also provide you with extra space. 

To Clear cache on android, go to settings and click on application. Click on Facebook. Click on “Clear cache” button.

Switch to PC if you are using phone

In case, you are running Facebook on your phone, switch to PC and see if you are able to load pictures on Facebook or not. Try changing the browser if your current browser is not able to load images on Facebook. 

Uninstall incompatible plug-ins.

If the plug-ins are incompatible, they may cause conflicts between browser and the web page. Access your browser in incognito mode. If you are able to load the images normally on Facebook, then uninstall plug-ins that were installed just before you started facing the problem.

Re login to your Facebook account

This is also a simple fix, log out from the current session. After some time, login to your Facebook account again and try to upload any image. 

Factory reset if you are using Android or iPhone

Android or iPhone users can factory reset to rest the environment variables. Remember to make a backup copy before going for factory reset.

Disable ad blockers

Ad blockers are there to remove the ads that come on computer. They have an inbuilt mechanism that intercepts the traffic and pass it through the filter to remove the ads. To confirm that it is causing problem, disable the ad- blocker extension.

Check all the above fixes to resolve your problem. If still, you are able to solve your issue, then take the help of customer support. They have a team of technical experts that will provide you remote assistance, in order to fix your issue.

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