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Facebook keeps crashing problem is very common and users face it very often. It disturbs the users as it can happen at any time whenever you browse through the news feed or try to upload anything. Facebook keeps crashing issue will occur as soon as you click on the icon. Facebook widow is going to appear for few seconds and will disappear after that. 

Methods to solve Facebook keeps crashing issue

There are many ways to resolve this issue. Follow the methods discussed below to fix the Facebook keeps crashing problem:

Try Quitting the App

This is the simplest method to fix the issue and should be tried first. To quit the app, double click the home button. An “all open” or “active” apps option will appear now. Don’t forget to close the Facebook app before you try this option. Open the Facebook app once again and see if it is still crashing.

Do a hard reset if you are using iPhone

 iPhone users can hard reset by holding down the sleep/wake and home buttons simultaneously for at-least 5-10 seconds. Wait till the Apple logo appear. Your phone will shut down and restart automatically. Check if it worked or not.

Update the Facebook app to the latest version

You should be using the latest version of Facebook app. From the app store, check for any updates. If you see that you are using an older version and there is a latest update available, download it and install it.

Delete the Facebook app and install it again

Delete the current Facebook app and installing it again also works out many times. Simply press the Facebook app icon and wait till all the apps start to jiggle. Go to the “X” icon to delete the Facebook app. Download latest version of Facebook app from the store. Once you download and install it, login to your Facebook account and see if the issue is still there.

iPhone users update to the latest version of iOS

To see that you are using the latest software for your device, from the settings, go to the general tab. Make sure that you have updated your phone to the latest iOS.

Close the conflicting apps.

One of the common reasons for this issue is the newly installed apps and your Facebook app conflicting with each other. Try to Remove any recently installed app and open the Facebook app again. If there are too many apps opened at the same time, it will cause the device to run slowly and problem in loading. 

iPhone users resync iPhone with iTunes

Sync your device with iTunes using your computer is a simple way to fix crashing problem. Another advantage of this process is that you also get a chance to download and install the latest software version of the iOS. You also have a choice to back up your data in cloud or computer.

Clear out the memory

To get an extra space on your device, you need to clear out the memory. Go to settings and then click on general. Select iPhone storage and check the available space. If the space is very low, delete the apps, photos, videos or music that you no longer want. Your Facebook app should be running smoothly now.

Restore factory settings

Back up your data first and then restore the factory settings.

Try the above fixes, they are easy and will solve your problem.

If still you are facing any issue, take the help of customer support. They are available round the clock and will solve your issues related to Facebook. 

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