How to fix Firefox not responding

How To Fix Firefox Not Responding | Toll-free : +1-866-558-4555

Mozilla Firefox is an open source software and is one of the best popular internet browsers. Firefox is one of the fastest and safest web browsers available. Its numerous benefits urge the users to try it. It is available freely. Like other browsers it is also not fault free and sometimes, the users face issue like Firefox not loading pages. Firefox runs at a slow pace and fail to respond even after several clicks. The problem is not very difficult and can be solved by simple methods that are discussed below. 

Many times, it happens that, the server is down. In this case, you can do nothing but wait for the server to work it fine. If you are also facing this challenge but you are not completely sure on how to fix when Firefox Not responding, you need to check out the correct settings of the web browser. This will help to resolve problem at certain extent. You can load the site on other computers or devices also, but before it, try to fix this error using below tricks.

Methods to fix Firefox not responding?

There are many ways to fix Firefox not responding issue, lets discuss some simple and common ways here

Refresh Mozilla Firefox

This is the first and most simple thing you should try before doing anything else. After refreshing, internet browser will restore performance and fix issues. Follow the steps discussed below:

  • Choose the three-bar icon in Firefox and then click on Help.
  • Click on Troubleshooting Information option.
  • On the top right corner of the page, you will find the Refresh Firefox option. Click on it to refresh Firefox.
  • Now open Firefox and see if the issue is resolved.

Disable Hardware Acceleration

Hardware acceleration boosts the performance of Firefox browser. But, in some cases, hardware acceleration is the main reason behind Firefox not responding error. After disabling this feature, you might be able to solve the issue.

  • Open Firefox and select the three-bar icon in Firefox. Click to open it.
  • Click on General and then scroll down until you get the Performance option.
  • Uncheck Use Hardware Acceleration option. Now use Recommended Performance Settings.

Try working in Safe Mode

A faulty extension or an add-on could be the main reason behind Firefox not responding error. So, switch to the Safe Mode in Firefox. This will enable you to see if any one of the extensions or add-ons that you have installed on your browser is malfunctioning and causing Firefox to not respond. 

If the above options didn’t work out for you, then take the help of customer support. Call them on their toll-free number and explain your issue. They have a team of technical experts that is available 24*7 to assist you. 

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