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How to fix Facebook messenger not working? | Toll-Free : +1-866-558-4555.

 Facebook Messenger is a convenient messaging service and software application. It has many powerful features for text and voice to communicate with your friends and relatives. Although Facebook messenger app has many advantages, many users complain about Facebook messenger not working. Facebook messenger quickly runs out the memory and battery and slows down the phone running process. Many users have also complained that app sometimes fails to receive or send messages. Many times, Facebook Messenger app cannot be found at all. In this article we will discuss about How to fix Facebook Messenger app not working? We are listing some easy trouble shooting tips.

Let’s see some of the problems when Facebook messenger not working issue occurs:

Facebook Messenger is slowing down my phone

Facebook Messenger covers up more device memory and power because it provides latest notifications and updates. Facebook messenger app requires more storage space therefore it may slow down your phone.

To overcome this issue, make sure, that you really need Facebook Messenger app or not. If you don’t need Facebook messenger, uninstall it to secure the device running process. If you have option to let your phone not allow Facebook Messenger notifications and don’t want it to be running in background to save battery life, you need to regularly clean up the Facebook Messenger cache and free up much storage space.

Facebook Messenger app fails to receive and send messages

If your Facebook Messenger app is not able to send or receive messages or the application fails to deliver any of your important correspondence, then maybe it is an application issue, or a network issue.

If you spot that it is internet connectivity issue, simply check and run another application if it is getting access to internet or not.

If it is not connecting to internet, then you need to clear the cache and unnecessary data. Now restart Facebook messenger on your phone.

If still it is not working, then you have to update the application. To update Facebook messenger, go to Google Play Store (Android users only). Click the menu button and select “My apps & games” to check whether Messenger requires an update or not. If it needs an update, update Facebook messenger now. If there is no update available, you can select to uninstall and then reinstall the application.

Facebook messenger not responding

Facebook messenger app not responding may have several reasons. There may be a possibility that the application is attacked by Virus or it has low space to run. Since this is an application level issue, a simple update will resolve it. You may need to forcibly reboot the phone and then relaunch Facebook Messenger app. If the issue persists and the messenger still has no responding, click on “Uninstall” button and then reinstall it.

Some or all Facebook Messenger messages have gone

If you find out that some or all Facebook Messenger messages have disappeared from your messenger app, then follow below trick to fix it:

Go to Facebook Messenger and click on “Messages” button. Select “See all messages.” Scroll the screen to the bottom and click on “View Archived Messages.” Check if you can get back the messages or not. If there are no messages, you require a reputable Facebook Messenger Message Recovery to help you.

If still you face any issue with Facebook messenger then you may call on customer support number.


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