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As compared with the many traditional HDD (hard disk drive), many users prefer to use SSD (Solid State Drive) as a data storage device. SSD has many advantages like fast read-write speed, lack of noise, and low power consumption. Sometimes it also happens that SSD not showing up on your Windows system. This issue is very common, many users report about it. Read this full article to know the exact cause and solutions of its.

The reason behind the SSD not showing up:-

Here we discussed some causes of the SSD not showing up. Go through the below steps:

  • The SSD file is new and even doesn’t initialized in your Windows system.
  • The SS Drive partitions are lost and unallocated.
  • The SS Drive partitions file system can’t be recognized.
  • SSD partition’s Drive letters are missing.
  • SS Drive partitions are hidden.
  • Windows system is unable to detect SSD.
  • Issues in the Driver.

Steps to fix SSD not showing up:-

Here are many easy and quick solutions to fix this issue. Follow the below steps carefully:

1. Initialize the new SSD file on your Windows system:-

 Sometimes, it happens that the new SSD file is not initialized on your Windows before plug-in to the system. SO, it will cause the SSD not showing up. Follow the below steps:

  • First of all, you have to search for the Disk Management on your Windows system to initialize SSD.
  • Now, you have to press Windows key + R to open Run dialogue box.
  • Then, type msc in the Run dialogue box and hit the Enter key.
  • Now, a pop-up window will be open that says you must initialize a disk before Logical Disk Manager can access it. Basically, it suggests you to initialize the SSD.
  • For initializing the new SSD, you have to select Master Boot Record (MBR) or GUID Partition Table (GPT) and tap on the OK
  • After completing the initialization process, you are able to create a new volume with the Disk Management.
  • Now, restart your Windows system and check if it shows properly. If not, then move to the next step.

2. Create an SSD partition recovery:-

 If you use an old SSD then you are sure that it contains a lot of data, so it may be possible that SSD not showing up on your Windows system. So, make an SSD partition recovery to fix this issue. Follow the below steps:

Partition recovery is a paid function. The free edition can be used to check whether the lost partition scanned. If they are able to scan it, then you can easily purchase the professional Edition to recover them and fix this issue.

  • First of all, you have to open the MiniTool partition Wizard third party app and choose the select the SS Drive.
  • Now, you have to navigate to the Check Disk menu and tap on the Partition Recovery.
  • Alternatively, right-click on the Target disk and select partition recovery.
  • Now, you have to select a scanning range for the SSD partition recovery and tap on the Full Disk option to scan the entire SS Drive .
  • Then, tap on the Next option to continue the process.
  • Now, MiniTool partition Wizard has two methods of scanning, one is Quick scan, and another one is Full Scan.

If a quick scan doesn’t work:

  • As you know, the former can restore your deleted or lost partitions that are continuous and then they can easily scan each sector of the specified scanning range on your SS Drive. In case, a quick scan doesn’t work, then try to use a Full scan.
  • After completing the SSD scanning process, you can see all your lost or deleted partitions, and you have to select all the partitions that you need.
  • By double-click on the Partition option, you can review all the files on your Windows system.
  • Now, a pop-up message shows you the folder structure, so simply tap on them to see the inside files.
  • After, finishing the window, tap on the Finish option to go back to the main interface of the MiniTool Partition Wizard.
  • Now, tap on the Apply option to perform the SS Drive partition recovery operation. SO, all the partitions on the SS Drive will be shown in the Windows Explorer.
  • Restart your Windows system and check if the issue has been resolved successfully.

In this blog, we discussed to fix SSD not showing up. I hope, it is helpful to you. If you have any doubts regarding this, then call our expert team to resolve them. You can also send a text message or an email regarding your queries to fix them. We are here for 24*7.


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