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Most of the people are well aware of the HP printer. HP is a brand, which makes many electronics gadgets. HP serves us for a very long time and delivers flawless print services. Sometimes, it happens that the user finds some issues in the HP printer’s working. You are not the one who faces this issue. One of the common problems is the HP printer keeps going offline. No need to worry, read this full article for instant solutions.

Cause of HP printer keeps going offline:-

Here are many reasons of HP printer keeps going offline even when it shows that the printer takes the print command. It basically occurs due to Wi-Fi connectivity.

It may be possible that the IP address is not configured properly on the laptop or desktop. So, an error message pop-up saying the HP printer keeps going offline. So, check the configuration:

  • Firstly, open the HP configuration screen.
  • Now, go to the Settings section and tap on the Networking
  • After that, drop-down and click on the IP address
  • Now, tap on the manual settings option and type accurate IP address correctly.
  • So, you can check that your IP address is configured correctly or not.

Causes of HP wireless printer keeps going offline:-

As you know very well that all HP printer needs connectivity and secure connection with the system. If there are a lack of connectivity then it shows the error of the HP printer keeps going offline. So, the user must ensure that he doesn’t choose that option on his HP printer because it would allow the users to use the HP printer without a remote.

You can change these settings:

  • Firstly, go to the Start menu.
  • After that, tap on the Settings
  • Now, click on the Devices & Printers
  • After that, select the Scanner
  • Drop-down and unchecked the box next to the Use Printer Offline.
  • It will bring your HP printer back in online mode.

Solutions to fix HP printer keeps going offline:-

Whenever you get this issue on your HP printer, so before doing any further steps follow the below-given description:

  • First of all, open the home screen of your HP printer.
  • Now, tap on the right arrow button and select on the set-up menu.
  • After that, you should tap on the Network Section and scroll down to get the Restore Network Default
  • Now, tap on the Yes option to confirm the process.
  • By this, you can restore the default settings to your HP printer.

When you follow all the above steps to fix your issue. So, you definitely got it. In case, you still trouble with issue then follow the below-given steps:

  • You have to go for Control Panel and Press Windows key + R
  • Now, select Devices & Printers. So, you can see the HP printer’s icon.
  • Right-click on that and go to the Properties
  • Now, you should select the password and you will require to make a new password.
  • After that, you have to enter a new password and retype it for verification.
  • Now, click on the Save option to save the changes.

You can also do some steps to fix HP printer keeps going offline.

  • Firstly, check the cord of the HP printer and the device which is connected with it.
  • Also, check the power cord that is properly plugin or not.
  • Check, if the HP printer has any updates available. If you find any update then update it instantly to fix this issue.

After following all the above steps, if the error still persists then don’t take it lightly. It may be possible that there are major problems in your HP printer. So, contact with HP printer customer support immediately and tell him that your HP printer keeps going offline. HP printer’s technical team acknowledge the issues and provide the best solution to fix the error.

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