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How To Fix Pinterest Button Not Working | Toll-Free : +1-866-558-4555

Users with multiple Pinterest images often notice Pinterest button not working. Due to which some images are missing when you click to save an image to one of your boards.

Solutions for the issue Pinterest button not working

Try to change the order of images, change the size, add-remove or change some codes. Try following fixes:

  • Make sure, you create a static placeholder image that is about 1×1 pixels in size.
  • You can duplicate this placeholder based on the number of unique pins that you have on a single page.
  • Now rename each one of them according to you.
  • Put these placeholders as the src= value in the code.
  • Remove any code for display: none
  • Put height=”0” width=”0” instead.

Disable lazy load

Lazy Load is there to prevent the loading of images until you go for scrolling them into view. In case, Lazy Load is postpones the loading, Pinterest is unable to process the images. Hence, pinterest is not able to find them when you click the sharing button.

Disabling Lazy Load

If you find that you have enabled Lazy load. Turn off the Lazy Load and try to load the page again. 

Simple fixes for the issue pinterest button not working

Use following fixes to solve the issue of Pinterest button not working:

  • Many times, it happens that if you are browsing in a private or Incognito mode, the browser button does not work. In this situation, log in to Pinterest in a normal browser window. Now you will be able to use the browser button.
  • Another quick fix is to remove the extension. Reinstall it from the browser button page.
  • Try to clear your cache and cookies. This will remove any temporary files that could be the reason of this kind of issues.
  • Enable Javascript in your browser and check if the issue is solved.
  • Update your browser to the latest version. Many times, an older browser faces this type of issue. Browsers get updated regularly due to which some extensions break or malfunction.
  • Try to disable other extensions one-by-one to point out if there is an extension that is interfering. 
  • Many times, extensions like Ad-blocking, anti-tracking, and virus-scanning can disable elements on the page.before going for reinstallation of the Pin button.
  • Reinstall the Pin It Button. Uninstalling and reinstalling it may fix the issue. For better results, close and reopen your browser 
  • Sometimes, the reason for Pinterest browser button not working is the website you are visiting. To be sure, check if you are facing the same issue on other websites also. If other websites are working properly, it means the website is the main reason of the issue. In this type of situation, you can either contact Pinterest or the website and report the bug.

For more assistance, take the help of customer support. You can call on their toll-free number, anytime 24*7. They have expert team of technicians that provides remote assistance to the customers to solve their issues in few minutes.

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