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How To Fix Pinterest Not Working | Toll-free: +1-866-558-4555

Using Pinterest, you can interact with other users with the help of pins. You can use Pinterest to get inspiration from influential people from their area of interest.  A creative pin on Pinterest attracts many people of your field. Many times, users face the issue, Pinterest not working

You may face issues like the image is blurry or there are no visitors. If you don’t have a good content in your profile or lack relevant boards or have intriguing visuals, you will not have many followers. Since Pinterest also acts like a search engine, it is a great traffic driver for any website. Using right keywords, you can increase traffic to your website.

If you are having issue of Pinterest not working on Chrome, then follow these steps:

  • Go to Google Chrome.
  • Click on settings menu.
  • Scroll down and click on Advanced from bottom.
  • Look for System.
  • Turn off “Use hardware acceleration when available.”
  • Click on “Relaunch now.”

If the issue is not solved, then you need to reset your browser:

  • Open settings in Chrome. 
  • Go to navigation menu on the left. Select Advanced and you will get more options.
  • Click on “Reset and clean up.”
  • Select “Restore settings to their original defaults.”
  • Update Chrome.

To manually reset your browser, use these steps:

  • Uninstall current version of Google Chrome.
  • Look for the latest version of Google Chrome, if you find any then install it.
  • From settings, clear all cache and cookies data.
  • Also check that you don’t have any extensions installed in your browser. If you find any, remove them.
  • Restart your browser and see if the issue is solved.

How to post on Pinterest?

  • First of all, login to Pinterest using your computer, Smartphone, laptop or tablet. Follow the below steps to post on Pinterest:
  • Go to your browser click on the link. Enter your username and password to login or login using your Facebook account.
  • You will find a ‘plus’ sign in a white circle at the lower-right corner of the Pinterest window.
  • A pop-up menu will appear that will ask you to get the Pinterest Browser button. Select ‘Not Now ’and click the plus sign again.
  • There will be an option ‘Upload a Pin’ in the centre of the menu. On clicking it, you will be directed to a window with options to upload photo.
  • Select the option ‘Drag and drop or click to upload’ present in the left-hand side of the photo upload window. You will get a File Explorer or Finder window for Windows and Mac respectively. Tap the Upload Pin switch present in the lower-left corner if you are unable to get this option.
  • Now choose a photo you want to upload.
  • Click on “Open” option from the bottom-right corner. This will complete your uploading.
  • You can also add a description about your post in the description text box.
  • Click on ‘Done.’
  • Save your photo over the board of your choice. You can even ‘Create board’ for its own.


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