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HP printer won’t print black is a very common problem, but most of the users comfortable with the HP printer. There are many reasons for the occurrence of such problems. So first of all, find the exact cause then find out the solutions.

Steps to fix HP printer won’t print black:-

Here are many solutions which can solve your issues related to HP printer won’t print black:

Check Ink cartridge:-

There is an LCD touchscreen panel on the HP printer by which you can check the level of Ink. But, you have to use a control panel to navigate Ink levels. The checking process of the Ink level might differ with each model of the HP printer. So go through it very carefully.

Remove the plastic tape from new cartridge:

It may be possible that you install a new cartridge pack and forgot to remove the protective plastic tape. This silly mistake will unable to print black. So make sure, you remove that protective plastic tape.

Clean the cartridge:

Always clean your cartridge, use a cotton swab to clean the cartridge Ink. By using cotton wipe rub out all the dried ink or dirt from the print header. Also, clean the printer heads.

Accomplish print cartridge alignment:

You should run Self-test Diagnostic and print cartridge alignment to root out the issue of the HP printer won’t prink black. If you receive an error message Print cartridge alignment failed then you need to follow the below steps:

  • Load A4 size paper
  • Press setup option
  • Now scroll down to select tools
  • After that press OK
  • Again scroll down to select Align print cartridge, and then press OK
  • Now, your printer will adjust, and you can print an alignment page

Printer head needs to be replaced or freshly installed:-

The printer head is a main factor in the printing process as it technically puts Ink to paper to create a presentable text. Clean the Printer head by following below-given steps:

  • Go to the start button and search for Control panel
  • Open control panel and then click on drivers and printers
  • On the next page look for your printing system icon, right-click on it and select Properties.
  • On next window, click on hardware option and then click on clean Ink
  • Now, follow the prompt onscreen instructions to clean the printer head, after that check for print.

Printer driver issue:-

Once, after checking the basic connection if your HP printer still not printing black text, the next best step is to update or reinstall your printer driver.

Run Diagnostic Software:-

If none of the above procedures helps, then you need to download and run the HP print and scan doctor software provided by the HP Company. Here the steps:

  • Install the HP print and scan doctor from the official site
  • After that, open this software and tap on the start from your window screen.
  • Choose your usable Printer from the given list and then click next.
  • Now, select Fix printing
  • Such an installed software will try to diagnose and fix not printing black issues.


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